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i don't post much but i'll like/share stuff

//cool peeps_

some other indie web peeps

  • Gus Bus
  • Clockwork

//stuff i think is neat_

  • Are.na Aesthetics Superchannel - no idea how are.na works but basically it's a bunch of galleries of different aesthetics i think?
  • CARI Intsitute - site chronicling various consumer aesthetics throughout history. made by the same people behind the Y2K Aesthetic Institute.
  • Grind Fiction/Animemo - a defunct forum centered around that countercultural, self-expressive niche occupied by the likes of jet set radio, the world ends with you, flcl, persona 5, etc. (relevant tumblr post)
  • "I am the Horrible Goose That Lives in the Town" - wonderful little piece of prose from the pov of the goose from untitled goose game.
  • Jojo X Serie cosplay - a collection of old jojo cosplay photos from around the early 2000s. everything's in italian, but the rest of the site also has interesting stuff like summaries, character profiles, and fanworks. there's even some jojo-themed winamp skins, from what i can tell. overall, it's an interesting look into both old internet culture and the jojo fandom before it really blew up in the west.