//i like to take long walks and inscribe my thoughts on the sand_

thoughts are like an image reflected in water,
distorted as soon as you try to touch it.
once you touch it, it's irreparably changed
it ripples out in spiraling fractals
never to be seen quite the same again.

thoughts are like an image in water
ripples are like glass on a screen
like ants scattered on a tv screen

like ants scattered on the sand
like caustics on the floor of a swimming pool
like shimmers of light on the linoleum tiles

is it worthwhile to crease my thoughts on the sand
only for it to be wiped away?
the buddhists have their gardens
those glass stick figures
you build in your mind
it is when you try to evoke them
pry them out by force of creation
that's when they fall apart

it is the power to create, to move others with words
but what good are words if they are never heard?
i think we could all be great poets, once
i thought we could all be great poets, once

i reach in and pull the thoughts out of my brain, tie them like string
like wires on the stage
strangling them
but it comes out all scroakled and crungly
as the fetus quivers in its carapace
for people to mock and enjoy
dare we turn away from ourselves?

my home approaches now. already, my thoughts are melting
soon to be encased, ceased to oblivion

i have work to do. i would wish to stop thinking.
otherwise the generator runs and runs for eternity
and the electricity will burn out

what else did i forget?