i got really bored so i figured fuck it, why not slap some stuff i've written on here too

  • "of fuzz and stardust" - july 21-august 4, 2022
    • a review of gerard way's album hesitant alien (2014) that i wrote for english class once.
  • "i like to take long walks and inscribe my thoughts on the sand" - january 30, 2022
    • a semi-stream of consciousness poem about how i overthink during walks, assembled from thoughts i had during a walk.
  • "attune" - july 2-15, 2022
    • a multimedia poem i made for english class about my chronic social isolation as analogized through my avoidance of pop music.
  • "wake/sleep" - february 10, 2020
    • a poem about that one time i woke up with my arm asleep.
  • "portrait of a recluse" - february 19-24, 2020
    • an excerpt (or well, like 80%) of my artist statement for my ap 2d art final.
  • "fisher" - march 17-october 21, 2019
    • some prose i wrote about an oc i came up with in like 2016 based on a dream i had.
  • excerpt from the little prince (1943) - august 23, 2022
    • an excerpt of the little prince (1943) by antoine de saint-exupery that i manually translated from the french version out of boredom. i took a few liberties with it.